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Youth Mobility in London, UK

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A group of 8 participants (7 young people+1 accompanying person) from Republic of North Macedonia have participated in youth mobility, part of the blended learning. Red Ochre has been the hosting organization responsible for the logistics and the activities of the young people during their stay in London. We have also involved young people from London that have participated in the blended learning & training and implementation of the activities.

The 8 participants have arrived in London on 7th March 2020, because of the limited flights to London. 7th and 8th March have been days for cultural learning and sightseeing.

On 9th March participants have visited Red Ochre for introduction and upcycling talk (upcycling as social and environmental innovation and business model) and later British Library Business and IP Centre, learned how the centre supports environmental, upcycling and other related businesses to develop and grow. Featuring inspiring examples.

10th March - Upcycle visit: Goldfinger Factory is a design-led social enterprise that exist to inspire and educate people to make a positive impact through sustainable design and craftsmanship; Upcycle talk and workshop: Story Garden. Upcycle Visit: QBIC Hotel (TBC) is London’s and the UK’s only B-Corp social enterprise hotel. Leaders in sustainability they also use a variety of upcycled furniture in their hotel. Everything in the hotel is sustainable.

11th March - Upcycle talk and workshop at Building Bloqs with Aphra Shemza - Upcyling Art and use of upcycled materials for art. Building BloQs is a “maker space” social enterprise. Upcycle talk:Ruby Moon is the first and only swim & active wear company to have both positive environmental and social impact: RubyMoon chooses sustainable materials.

12th March - Upcycle talk and workshop: Plastic Seconds is a sustainable business that sells upcycled items. Visit of Work and Play Scrap Store is a registered charity that has been operating in the Wandsworth area for over 30 years. It promotes the reuse of reclaimable or lost resources for environmental and community benefit. Macedonian participants have had presentation of our country and have had cultural exchange with the London participants.

13th March – Upcycle workshop: Your Next Steps - Collecting the learning from the week and turning it into inspiration and action. Upcycle talk and competition workshop: Petite Miracles is a small charity that reduces unemployment primarily through provision of training and work experience in skills training in traditional craft, upcycling, entrepreneurship and business skills. After an introduction and tour of the space, in teams with young people from London, the Macedonian participants have carried out an upcycling challenge.

14th March – visit of Red Ochre and discussion about the past week, what has been learnt and how we can use it in creating better living for the young people and people with fewer opportunities. Red Ochre has presented certificates and facilitate close of the youth mobility.

The youth mobility to London has significantly contributed to reaching the project's objectives, because from one hand participants have learnt about youth activism, upcycling and social businesses through the e-learning platform, but with the mobility to London, visit of social and upcycling businesses, see environmental improvement based on recycling and reuse, the participants have had the chance to practically experience the upcycling, talk with founders of upcycling, green and social businesses that not only employee, but also contribute to better environment, be inspired and motivated to continue their learning about upcycling and green businesses, on the possibilities that it creates for self employment and business creation. The mobility has increased their self-confidence and sense of usefulness, but also social, communication and language skills.

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