Proekt EU

Name: Association for spreading democracy and democratic principles in society PROEKT – EU Kavadarci
Date of registration: 12.04.2012

We have started as a small group of 4 who wanted to make our community a better place for the people that live there. The bases on which we build our association are:

- Critical thinking

- Representative democracy, equality, political responsibility

- Civil and internet activism

- Detecting propaganda

- Detecting populism

- Fighting for transparent and open local government

- Protection and articulation of marginal and vulnerable categories

- Fighting for human rights

- Fighting for rule of law

- Youth education programs

We are focused on a marginalized groups or individuals that needs help regarding any issues that are against the main principles mentioned above.

Most of the projects that we have worked for are aiming to help people in our community to make their problems visible, present them to authorities or local government and at the end find a solution that is suitable for everyone.

The first bigger project that we have worked on was named “STOP for hate speech on sports events” where we have worked together with the sport’s an group LOZARI from Kavadarci in order to stop the violence that was spreading across the youth mainly because of the intolerance for Albanian fans.
We have also made wide research on “Nepotism in public schools in Kavadarci” and publish the results in a booklet with suggestions how this issue can be regulated legally.
Many of the projects we have worked on are involving people with disabilities and problems that are occurring regarding accessing points, paths, elevators in public institutions and schools etc. We are continuously working to make our community a better place for everyone.

Association for spreading democracy and democratic values in society PROEKT-EU, Kavadarci
Address: Braka Dzunovi nr. 30, 1430 Kavadarci
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Besides our projects we are taking part as partners or just supporters to few other projects and activities.
PROEKT-EU is encouraging young people to take part in any project that is currently running, or maybe submit a proposal for a project that we as an Association can evaluate and make it happen.

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