Eko-Zhivot (Coordinator)

The association for environmental protection and improvement Eko-Zhivot Kavadarci is a non-governmental, non-politic, non-profit organization established with free association of citizens, in order to realize and harmonize its interests and to perform activities in order to raise awareness among the public about acceptance and support of the protection and promotion of the environment.

"Eko Zhivot" (meaning Eco-Life) was founded in 2010 as a NGO with the aim of working on conservation and improvement of the environment.

Eko-Zhivot Kavadarci strives for the following goals and objectives:

- Promotion of the protection and promotion of the environment.

- Raising awareness among citizens, with special emphasis on juveniles for the protection and promotion of the environment and the living world that surrounds us

- Monitoring of world and European standards in the field of environmental protection

- Introduction of world and European standards

- Public education for the protection and promotion of the environment

- Establishing communication with organizations of the same or similar nature

- Proposal and organization of cultural-environmental events, tribunes

- Preparation of plans and projects in the area of ​​protection and improvement of the environment

- Exposing ideas and projects in order to contribute to better environmental awareness among citizens with special emphasis and education of juveniles

- Proposals for activating environmental projects for beautifying the environment

- Organization of cultural and environmental competitions of municipal, state and international character

- Opening of working ecological clubs and workshops

- Organization of art exhibitions, colonies and concerts

- Publishing of books, brochures, CD materials, magazines in the area of ​​protection and improvement of the environment

- Prevention against the destruction of the environment

- Membership in international organizations of the same or similar nature

- Cooperation and implementation of joint projects with domestic and foreign institutions and organizations that have the same or similar goals and objectives; and

- Other similar forms and modes of action


Eko-Zhivot Kavadarci acts at national level on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, is a member of THE ECOLOGY MOVEMENT OF MACEDONIA, IN FRIENDS OF THE EARTH and is one of the founders of THE GREEN MACEDONIA platform.

Eco-Zhivot as an environmental organization has carried out several activities and projects for development of eco-tourism, among which several projects in this area:

Since 2012 we are members of the Ecologists' Movement of Macedonia (DEM) and assigned them as a regional eco center and executive office. Eco Lifehas 18 volunteers and 96 members. Our members are very qualified ecologists, biologists, lawyers and members with related professions.

September 2012-September 2013 Let's protect our future, implemented by the NGO Vila Zora. The project objective was to change the regulations in the Macedonian Environmental Law for building industries more than 5 km from the cities. Eco Lifetook part in the activities for collecting 10,000 signatures to support our initiative for amendment loge. Activity is realized in around 20 municipalities in the country.

2013 - Adaptation of the monument "12 children" in Vatasha, Macedonia in the ecological corner and for the purpose of environmental education and tourism. Donor: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Macedonia

2013 - 2014 Eliminating waste dumps on Tikvesh Lake

Donor: City of Kavadarci  Cleaning of the artificial Lake Tikvesh located near the city of Kavadarci from littering. The Lake is reaching with flora and fauna that was contaminated by illegal waste dumps. Actions are working with local people for raising their awareness of keeping the lake clean and avoiding illegal dumps. The Lake Tikvesh region is an attractive tourist area, so we used weekend to promote clean-up activities among the tourist.

 2013 Eliminating waste dumps on Crna Reka

7 eco-action days with 180 participants for cleaning a very polluted river (Crna Reka) near the citadel of Kavadarci. Donor: City of Kavadarci and Municipality of Rosoman

  1. 2013. Another project for development of tourism is "editing the monument of the 12 Watashi children in picnic footpath" financed by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Palling, which we implemented in 2013 amounted to 240 000 denars and today it is a picnic area that tourists visit.

 2013 - 2014 Fighter for environment. Raising awareness of the citizens for getting involved in creating a better environment by protecting and improving it. The project resulted in leaflets distributed among citizens in Kavadarci.

 09/2013 - 06/2014 Implementation of the national environmental education program in schools in the city of Kavadarci and Rosoman, Macedonia

 2014 - Implementation of environmental practices. Helping to the primary school "Pere Tosev" from Rosoman to become a green and sustainable school by implementing environmental practices and policies, creating an environmentally friendly environment for the students. The result was the school won the "Green Flag" in competition among other schools in the region.

November 2015-May 2017. "Sustainability of Civil Society Organizations through Networking for Social Entrepreneurship" which was actually promotion of development and stimulation of rural tourism for sustainability of the organizations, 4 organizations that implemented, among them Eco-Life, and the promoter of the project was the Regional Environmental Center REC. The project was funded by the EU's IPA program. In the project itself the trainer was trained for tourism, e-marketing, management and training for raising the quality of tourist offers in our region.

June 2015 - Bird houses. In cooperation with local schools we have created bird houses and have placed them in the city park of Kavadarci. With this activity we helped the birds living in the city park to be protected and have a place to stay and place to which we can bring food. The houses improved the park landscape, for better local tourism.


05/2015 - 04/2016 Make your change to come true- Live your life sustainable n. 3

The project 'Make your change to come true - Live your life sustainable 3' is financed by the Erasmus + KA1 youth exchange program. It wants to promote awareness of treading of resources and environment, as well as healthy behavior among young people from different European countries. Activities were outdoor training and social issues education. We, as a partner, have been responsible for selecting and preparing young participants for youth exchange in Erfurt to be trained. We helped the project writing and program implementation.


October 2015 - Protection of the biodiversity by installing bird houses

In cooperation with local schools we have organized activities for making bird houses and have placed them in the city park of Kavadarci. With this activity we helped the birds living in the city park to be protected and have a place to stay and place to which we can bring food. The houses improved the landscape, rased people's awareness and helped in protecting biodiversity.


14-18.12.2015 - Educational 3D Eco Bus

In collaboration with Pakomak, Eco Life has organized a visit to the schools in Kavadarci for environmental education of children. Students had interactive activities in the 3D eco bus regarding environmental protection and good recycling practices.

Participation in many other activities, among which organization of the National Environmental Competition for schools in the city of Kavadarci.

2015 -  2017.  We have participated in the two-year Erasmus + K2 project partnership with the Serbian European Center for Ecology from Sabac, where a house of bales was built in the interest of tourism development.

The project lasted from 2015 to 2017, there was a lecture for young people in Belluno Italy, Sabac Serbia and Balikesir Turkey.

In 2017 we received a project from the Ministry of Environment on a project for allocation of solar collectors for hot water, where we implemented the project within the boundaries of Veles and Kavadarci in partnership with Vila-Zora from Veles. Our organization took part in the project with three of its representatives who adopted the materials. And many others, within the Erasmus + program like Eco-Life is a partner and we are adopting foreign experiences.

Eco-Life everywhere in our projects put the environment and human health as a priority.

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 “Communication and dissemination: on the (right) use of tools and media in Erasmus+ projects”

Agence Education Formation-Europe


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